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Recruiters have seen a significant shift in the importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance in recent times.

One growth area of protection has come from the hugely successful market for temporary work placements. As a recruiter, you will be aware that this form of placement means your business can be held liable for the work undertaken by the temp.

So, what exposure does a recruiter have? When your business is hired by a firm to find suitable candidates for new roles, it is your advice and expertise as a recruitment consultant which they seek. The risks for making errors in judgement in this process are high and could potentially cost you. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you in the event of such mistakes whereby a firm may incur much time and money in rectifying any strategic or operational mistakes, which could have been caused by the ill-fitting employee that you hand-picked.

LEP can place all types of agency – from nationwide chains to new independent agencies, with no restriction on size, history or specialism. We will work closely with you and underwriters to build a tailored package to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our approach ensures that policies are underwritten on an individual basis with rates, terms and conditions reflective of your specific risk profile.