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The LEP team has been involved with Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance since the demise of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF) in 2000. Our clients can expect a full review of their current arrangements year on year, best access to market, cover and premium terms.

We accept the Minimum Terms & Conditions set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority are, as defined, a minimum requirement. However, we will always seek bespoke solutions for our clients to meet with your changing requirements and growth.

LEP are independent and as such provide a full review and market analysis to assist practices of all sizes in making an informed decision. We have many market relationships from working with underwriters over the years and will discuss your business with the appropriate insurer(s) to fit your profile, irrespective of Partner numbers and business structure.

We will not undertake a ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing your firm, this is counterproductive and only slows the system.

Only ‘A’ rated Qualifying (Participating) Insurers are accepted by LEP ensuring confidence of a strong capacity to meet financial commitments, and claims.

LEP will also discuss other requirements of the modern-day law practice with you, including Management Liability (i.e. cover for the COLP and COFA) and Cyber Liability products.

As there is no longer a need for your business to have a common renewal date, please contact us in confidence to review your current arrangements.